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software development tools to meet and expand the design parameters of software

SDK Development Division

This Division provides developers with the tools to expand their existing designs to include independent multiple inputs. The Tool Kit from IMI includes The GRID™, which provides end-users with invisible guidance across software interfaces.

windows xp, vista, mac bootcampThe SDK feature set also includes Objects Automation™, a form of assistance to non-dominant hands and unsure users. GUI objects can be grouped and automated to create an intuitive world of control surfaces previously unavailable.

software utilizing the IMI SDK auto-senses any number of devices and assigns internalAlong with cursor-rendering, the SDK offers additional features such as The GRID (right) and Objects Automation, also covered in prior IMI patents.

Software utilizing the IMI SDK auto-senses any number of devices and assigns internal application functions or multiple- application cursors for simultaneous access by any number of users. An SDK-embedded message broker enables the simultaneous implementation of a number of devices across IMI-based applications. Multiple-screen support creates a spacious environment that unlocks the imagination and opens up opportunities for collaboration.

The range of IMI Innovations extends from XP to Vista, and to Mac Bootcamp. The Company will soon announce new features and Mac compatibility. The SDK has drawn the attention of securities trading applications and professional graphics design due to the multiple screen navigation assistance, the intrinsic value to multiple users, and simplification of complex tasks.

The SDK is compatible with (and desirable for) private sector applications, allowing integration with large-scale development and distribution firms. The core Development Environment (and Input Logic Media applications) is not limited to cursor-based device assignment.  Input Logic DJ, for example, attaches any number of devices to individual functions and, by doing so, accesses the function-based cognitive aspects of the brain, bypassing visual association.

Additional cursors, control objects, and/or control points/functions created by the IMI SDK do not limit the primary cursor in its access of operating system (OS) functions.  This means that IMI applications and games can be run in non full-screen (exclusive) mode and that the primary cursor can simultaneously access the OS to open folders, select email, and otherwise navigate in a useful manner.

Innovative Hardware

The newly empowered secondary pointer devices offer unique opportunities for hardware design. The IMI Patents and Design Portfolio include specialized chipsets and mechanics, including rotary and linear encoders that provide developers with the tools to create unique and interactive hardware components for computer software.

Rotary, linear and other encoders are combined with our patented IMI chipset.  The chipset translates encoder information into both standard mouse messages and specialized IMI messages.  The messages are transferred to the operating system via USB2, and are then parsed by our SDK.  

The resulting hardware and machine potentials extend to manufacturing, computing tools, interface hardware, gaming, and other applications. Drastic cost reductions in the hardware development process are realized in two ways; 1) the IMI hardware does not require the creation of a core machine chipset. We provide the data translation chipset, and use the host computer motherboard chipset for machine functions and 2) the IMI hardware does not require software drivers; due to the messaging translations, the OS perceives the devices as mice, and provides legacy drivers. In other instances, computer mice have been reconfigured as foot-pedal devices, into therapeutic forms, and many other shapes and designs.

The Patent Portfolio has been expanded to include multiple-input-associated hardware. One case in point: the SX-1™ DJ controller. The unique controller design utilizes linear and rotary encoders and patented IMI chip sets to create mouse-message-based data streams that are in turn parsed by the IMI SDK. The potentials inherent in these designs are, in fact, endless.

mouse message based data streams that are in turn parsed by the IMI SDK
SX-1, Top View